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Australian Cannabis University


What do we mean by a cannabis university? Why would Australia need one? This is not a story about politics, although (obviously) politics has got us here. It is not about legal definitions and ramifications, although they too have been involved. Cannabis is like a conceptual kaleidoscope. Whereupon to some, accustomed to viewing the plant a little narrowly, it may look like we’re just staring into another tube. If we can convince the skeptic to peer into our little tube, just for a moment, s/hell notice light bouncing off in myriad directions. Patterns become observable immediately. So it will be for this humble yet remarkable plant: as more people look into it, the more will be revealed.


We’ve reached a critical point, in western culture, where successive governments are acknowledging that cannabis prohibition hasn’t been a success, and various models of deescalation “the war on drugs” are being rolled out by an increasing number of countries. Some societies have been slower than others to grasp the inherent potential within the cannabis plant. All blame aside Australia has been among the slowest.


Currently, a lot of emphasis is being placed upon the revelation in some quarters that cannabis is very effective in treating epileptic children. This had been established in ancient medicine long ago. What hasn’t been admitted much until recently, perhaps because its a thoroughly modern disease, is cancer. But, then again that was known by SOME as far back as the first recorded medical patent for cannabis in 1974 (US patent @ …). Then, there’s that other modern plague of of our young and elderly, asthma. Peter Tosh recorded the Jamaican folklore knowledge that cannabis “is good for the asthma” in the 1970s. Likewise, its superior capacity to treat glaucoma has been well known. Widely acknowledged now is the therapeutic benefit of cannabis to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, and the spasms that plague people with cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s Disease. All for quite some time.


So, without even looking into the kaleidoscope for a second, we’ve covered the plants capacity as a healing agent for cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and asthma.  That’s the immune health we’re talking about. Healthy eyes. Healthy nerves. Healthy lungs. Across such a wide spectrum of disease as one could imagine, cannabis has practical medical applications for the modern world. Perhaps this is why cannabis has suffered unduly for a long time as the focus on a “war on drugs” that was only only ever a war on some drugs. The cannabis leaf always featured prominently in negative police and state propaganda and, for that reason and others, that beautiful leaf has come to signify a danger for too many uninformed people.


But, just as cannabis has the world “buzzing” on the medicinal front, her hardy (but not so potent) cousin (hemp) is now seriously being acknowledge as by far the most sustainable crop for the soil, for building materials, for durable and fashionable clothing, for paper and, amazingly even the economy, as increasingly has proven to be the case in America, in particular, where states have relaxed anti cannabis laws and focused on gathering revenue from actual cannabis production, rather than confiscation and prohibition.


So a cannabis university needs to have recognised, experienced healers and a dispensary where they can counsel and prescribe for their patients, It needs to be able to source high grade effective cannabis material for its patients (and for wider sales). The obvious solution to that is for the campus to grow its own medical cannabis. In the Northern Rivers, with Nimbin so close, the capacity to grow abundant high quality cannabis has been known in a vibrant counter culture for much of the last 50 years of Australian social policy. The Nimbin Mardi Grass is an internationally acclaimed event that celebrates cannabis culture has become a celebrated destination in the widening field of cannabis tourism (long a dutch proclivity alone).


Just down the road from Nimbin, in Kunghur, the Biochar Project has been successfully growing legal cannabis for nearly eight years and is set to make the transition to production of and education about “medical cannabis”. It’s founder, Dolph “Charmaster” Cooke, has envisaged a campus where healers can come to practice their medicine, and agricultural workers can come, to sow and harvest the hemp/cannabis (and other) crops required to sustain the community (and, for profitability, beyond the immediate community). Chemists would be needed to prepare the many different preparations (including oils, balms, patches etc) already proven effective in the medical field, and industrial scientists to design and produce a range of products from the hemp.


Included in all this activity should, obviously, be a teaching facility where aspiring healers can come to learn their trade, and go back into their communities doing the remarkable work knowledge of this plant’s powerful healing actions allows. Thus a spin off from all the fibre being produced from hemp could be a hemp paper mill and clothing factory, with several more people required to have that aspect running smoothly. And if we have our own paper being made, and resident practitioners and intellectuals, we might as well establish our own on-topic newspaper. And if we’re going to do a paper, we might as well have a media studio. And if we’re going to have a media studio, we might as well run some form of radio/tv station.


Obviously, no one person can do all these things. Help is needed. To bring this very timely and inspirational dream into vision. To manifest it. The entourage effect is something they speak of in the academic sector with reference to the medical efficacy of cannabis. It signifies the fact that it is the whole plant (not isolated aspects of it) that is required to obtain the fullest medical benefit from the plant. Likewise, we need a concerned community to come together, as an entourage, to make this happen. For (y)our children. Because cannabis is (y)our friend. Our bodies are enlivened by an endocannabinoid system, that regulates health. We are meant to consume cannabis via receptors planted all over our body, but that’s another story in itself. And Dolph has an excellent video presentation to speak exactly to the phenomenon. We are going to see that humble (cannabis) leaf, that’s been derided for so long, associated with the joy of life-giving health. We are going to show people how to heal with this product(s), how to build from it and, indeed, how to grow it. Just like the Biochar project, itself.


To achieve this aim as quickly as possible organicmedicalcannabisaustralia.org intends to create a co-op of 10000 members with an initial joining fee of only one dollar each. The purpose of this is to create a voting block to lobby government for more positive and less punitive approaches and policies, specifically with regards to cannabis, especially in the light of gazing into the kaleidoscope a little longer. Those members would have access to the premier Cannabis University website, a range of first rate, home grown medical and industrial LEGAL products to enjoy to easy access to, and a host of other side benefits. This should be easily achievable because in all relative opinion polls taken by the media for more than the last decade more than ninety per cent have indicated their preference to access legal cannabis. By approaching parliament with a constituent base of ten thousand voters those people can remain anonymous but opinion noted.


The other aspect of the co-op is that the database will provide a good start to crowd source the funding for many of the goals for the project. By crowd funding we can offer different packages to different levels of financial support. For instance a ten dollar donation to the foundation/co-op might further entitle a member to a copy of the annual magazine or a subscription to a podcast and some bumper stickers. But a ten thousand dollar donation would be right to expect a rather larger appreciation package in return. From a donation perspective much money could be reinvested into ongoing research, infrastructure and providing compassionate healing for those in dire need.


organicmedicalcannabisaustralia.org is providing the startup capital for the project and that is the reason Dolph is here to speak today, to shed light on what is without doubt one of the most exciting educational and employment opportunities this region has seen in decades. Not since the Hunter Valley wine industry was in its hey day could there be any comparison, but cannabis industries will eclipse that in the coming decade(s). And it is the groundswell of that entourage effect, applied to humanity in general, but specifically Australians, that will bring this remarkable transformation to pass. Just as that little hemp/cannabis seed contains the potential to unlock so many human miseries.


It is time to realise cannabis IS (y)our friend.

These are thoughts at this time and suggestions from “Students” are always welcome.


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