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Welcome To our family

organic medical cannabis australia is a community run, family orientated project, making quality organic Australian cannabis products accessible to everybody. our goal is to decriminalise the use of cannabis as a whole food product in Australia as we BELIEVE it's mother natures quintessential gift! 


Our family

We are a tight-knit family who truely believe in the wonderful benefits of the cannabis plant! 100% Australian owned and operated, we are constantly educating ourselves and others on the health benefits of the cannabis plant. We are often asked "you must be high all the time?"- absolutely not! Cannabis is so much more than just it's THC compound (which is only 1 of more than 100 compounds found in the plant), but it has unfortunately been stigmatise as a 'drug' by this common misunderstanding. This is where we step in. Our goal is to educate! 


Our goodies

Our cannabis products are made with the most purest of intentions! They are created using the whole, raw cannabis plant for maximum health benefit. The plants are grown organically in the sunlight, feeding the bees who make our beeswax. We also source certified organic olive oil for it's medically proven health benefits to the liver.  We then package the products ourselves for transportation to your door. 


our mission

to make mother nature's best whole food affordable and accessible to everybody


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