Our goodies

Firstly we are proud to share that Organic Medical Cannabis Australia is a huge advocate for organic Australian produce. All of our products are made with cannabis grown naturally on our licensed farm, beeswax sourced from an ACU community member and organic cold pressed olive oil which is also sourced from the ACU community (see "our family" to learn more about ACU).

 A very important question that we are always asked is the extraction process; how do we extract the CBD and THC cannabinoids. We use a cold infusion method for our oils, which means rather than extracting the compounds, we infuse them in a carrier oil. No ethanol, no harmful chemicals and no heat is applied. We simply infuse the intact cannabinoids in certified organic olive oil, which has been medically proven to rehabilitate the liver (the main distributor of the cannabinoids), cold pressing it at maturity to create a cold infused CBD-A or THC-A oil product. To learn more about extraction methods, please join us at

The most important step in all of this, and the one that is most definitely overlooked by other manufacturing companies, is, that every single one of our products are made with love and the intention of healing. We thank mother nature for supplying us with everything we need to be well and we are excited to share what we have discovered with you!