our family

In order for you to meet the Organic Medical Cannabis Australia (OMCA) family, we must first introduce you to the Australian Cannabis University (ACU)! The ACU is a community project focussing on decriminalising cannabis as a whole food for all Australian's and the education of the multitude of health benefits the cannabis plant offers. The ACU takes a hands on approach to education using workshops, online learning and community forums to educate people on the biological structure of the cannabis plant, how it can be used for it's health benefits, how to grow the plant themselves and how to make their own organic and whole food products. 

Although the ACU teaches its members how to create their own products, they also understand that not everyone has access to an area where they can grow their own cannabis and create their own products. This is where Organic Medical Cannabis Australia comes in! OMCA is the label the ACU has created for their own cannabis products, making mother natures most pure whole food accessible to absolutely everyone- and at a truely affordable price.

All ingredients are sourced locally within the ACU community and we could aways use your help, so be sure to get in touch if you have an abundance of natural and organic beeswax or olive oil!